Angle Of Attack

Angle Of Attack
Belite's new Angle Of Attack (AOA) instrumentation is packed with new technology, allowing immediate cockpit display of the aircraft's angle of attack. AOA is a useful flight parameter, increasing pilot safety and providing vital flight feedback to the pilot.

This is the most exciting instrument we've ever offered. It is fun to use, every pilot wants one, it is easy to install, and it increases pilot safety.

Belite's AOA utilizes a ball-bearing mounted magnetic sensor, which in turn is connected to a flight angle weathervane sensor. The position of the sensor is fed to a brilliant, daylight readable cockpit display which shows the angle utilizing green, yellow and red LEDs. The nearly frictionless bearings of Belite's AOA sensor, combined with a mass balanced weathervane sensor, allow immediate feedback to the pilot of the aircraft's current AOA.

Designed for use in experimental aircraft only, this AOA instrumentation product is composed of the following components: AOA weathervane Ball-bearing mounted magnetic position sensor with CNC milled, streamlined aluminum enclosure General purpose aluminum mounting arm Interface electronic module for AOA sensor module Brilliant, three color, daylight readable LED display module Programming switch harness 12 feet of cabling

The unit includes a switch harness which allows the user to select the level cruise point (base of green arc) and a high angle of attack point (top of yellow arc).

The LED display module for this system is only available in the standard 2.25" round case.

This item is not available for order at this time.