Aircraft Kits

Belite Aircraft Kits are available as a complete homebuilt kit and qualify as an amateur-built aircraft or as an FAR part 103 ultralight aircraft. Complete kits can be purchased, as well as sub-assemblies which can be built in stages.

As of June 2011, we have been able to cut $3,000 out of our kit prices! We can now offer a complete kit for $8,000! In order to cut costs, we made an investment in capital equipment. We acquired a new 4 axis CNC machine and a new 3 axis CNC router. These allowed us to re-engineer many of our parts to take advantage of lower cost, in house production. Also, eliminating welding time was a substantial part of the puzzle in reducing costs. In order to eliminate welding time, we had to re-engineer the flaperons and many of the moving parts.

As a result, many of the parts are now available in our in house CNC machined aluminum, replacing more expensive, less precise welded steel components. An example is the rudder pedals -- a set of two, machined from billet aluminum is just $80. And they look way better than the older steel parts.

The pricing includes a fully welded 4130 steel fuselage.

Flaperons and tail feathers are now much easier to build -- having been redesigned to use inexpensive wooden ribs (cut on our brand new CNC ShopBot). (Versus our older welded or aluminum / bonded flaperons.) And weight is slightly reduced!

A very small amount of welding is required on the landing gear.

The tricycle gear kit is now available as a separate option. It is a comprehensive conversion kit which includes everything necessary to convert a tail dragger to a trike gear plane. It also has a lower price. ($400). A small amount of welding is required. Includes machined parts for the nose gear assembly.

The pricing does not include crating ($700) or shipping. We've now had shipping quotes all over the US, so we are pretty good at guessing the cost of shipping. Shipping should run about $1000 or less.